About Us

FUJISAN has become a treasure of the world. The next goal is to preserve it as a treasure for the future.

On 22 June 2013, FUJISAN was designated as a World Cultural Heritage.
Japan's treasure finally became one of the world's treasures.
But that is not our goal.
Our real aim is the future; that FUJISAN remains as a beautiful treasure 100 years into the future.
There are still many pieces missing to achieve this goal.
Manpower, new rules and discussions that is necessary to preserve the environment and money that is necessary to maintain all these.
Now this is the beginning of our next mission, putting the necessary pieces together for FUJISAN's future.
We will offer activities that anyone can feel free to participate and fun educational programs.
Our new slogan is, "FUJISAN as a World Heritage forever."
Let's all hand down this treasure for future generations.

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