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Logo and Character

Campaign Logo

We have changed our logo along with the designation of FUJISAN as a World Heritage. Having said that, we kept the previous slogan "FUJISAN as a World Heritage" and added the word "forever." The design of the logo remains the same, with a piece missing from FUJISAN.
Although FUJISAN has been designated as a World Heritage, the missing piece remains the same; meaning that there still is the need for a conservation plan and activities to educate people.
However, what the final piece represents has changed; from designating FUJISAN as a World Heritage to preserve the beautiful FUJISAN forever for future generations.
Our mission to fill that final piece to the puzzle has just begun. Our message - We need your cooperation and support.

Character "FUJI-chan"

Separate to the logo, we have various characters using FUJISAN as a motif. The characters that appear will vary depending on what they are used for such as websites, animations and chirashi (flyer), and will help promote our activities.

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