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About Our NPO

Preserving FUJISAN as a World Heritage Site for the Future. The National Council on Fujisan World Heritage is an authorized nonprofit organization which aims to help the people of Japan to protect FUJISAN.

Main activities

1. PR activities
- Attending meetings of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee as an observer
We conduct PR activities to promote the cultural value of FUJISAN in Japan and overseas, so that as many persons as possible will understand and support the registration of FUJISAN as a World Heritage Site.
- Holding and providing support for various events
We provide support for a wide variety of activities aimed at protecting FUJISAN. Information about the FUJISAN World Heritage Site is provided via homepages, Facebook, and production of printed materials.
2.Conservation activities
- Fujisan Zero-gomi Action
In order to solve the garbage problem faced by Fujisan, Fujisan guides and local eco-tour operators take the lead in conducting cleanup activities, monitoring, and PR activities around Fujisan with the desire to "always enjoy the beautiful Fujisan."
- Fujisan Long Trail
A long trail that connects the mountains surrounding Fujisan. We propose a "walking trip" where you can experience nature, history, culture, and the people who live there. We aim to conserve and effectively utilize natural resources and cultural value of Fujisan by disseminating the various ways to enjoy Fujisan and new attractions.
3.Fund-raising activities
- Establishment of the FUJISAN Fund
We invite organizations to become official members (supporting partners) of our NPO. We also operate the FUJISAN Fund in order to raise money for promoting ongoing activities to preserve the mountain.
- FUJISAN Thirty-six Project
In addition to the iconic ukiyo-e prints, this activity collects a wide variety of cultural contents related to FUJISAN for the enjoyment of users. A portion of the sales is donated to the FUJISAN Fund.
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