About Our NPO

Overview of Activities

Organization name 富士山世界遺産国民会議
National Council on Fujisan World Heritage
Abbreviated name 富士山会議
Fujisan Council
Form of organization Authorized nonprofit organization
Established April 2005
Slogan Preserving FUJISAN as a World Heritage Site for the Future
Official site http://www.mtfuji.or.jp/
Activity objectives FUJISAN became a World Heritage Site in June 2013. However this is not the final goal. There are still areas that are lacking, including environmental preservation personnel, new rules, discussion, and money for maintenance.
This is just the beginning. In order to put the necessary pieces in place for the future of FUJISAN, we will start new activities which anyone can participate in, as well as enjoyable learning programs.
Our new slogan is "Preserving FUJISAN as a World Heritage Site for the Future".
Let us all work together to secure the future of FUJISAN.
Main activities 1) PR activities
2) Conservation activities
3) Fundraising activities

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